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About me

My story

Where we’re born depends entirely on destiny, but it’s then up to us to decide where in the world to build a life. People born in Tuscany don’t often dream of leaving home to live in other places. We make sacrifices in order to carry on our ancestors’ traditions and cultivate our own dreams on Tuscan soil.

My name is Manuele, and this is my story:

I was born right here in the province of Siena, where the Val di Chiana, Val d’Orcia, province of Arezzo and region of Umbria meet. Mine is a land where the Creator brought to life his most vivid visions of beauty, and later, where the Etruscans, Siennese and Florentines all managed to leave remnants of their historic past.

After several years of working as a driving guide and tour leader for various tour operators in the area, I decided to give life to Just in Tuscany.

My goal is to give travelers a new way to discover the essence of Tuscany with tours that take place among the locals and are lead by a Tuscan. With Just in Tuscany, you’ll discover Tuscany from the inside – venturing off the beaten path, avoiding the standard tourist traps, reveling in the delight of Tuscan traditions, and indulging in locally produced wine and hearty Tuscan foods.

Just in Tuscany is a tour operator, with license and all insurance covers following the Italian laws; Manuele is a fully licensed bilingual (Italian-English) Enviromental Hiking Guide (Guida Ambientale Escursionistica) and Tour Leader in Italy (Accompagnatore Turistico) , certified Sommelier, working with an 8-passengers (plus driver) air-conditioned  Mercedes van. My vehicle is licensed as an NCC (Italian acronym for vehicle rental with driver) and is authorized to pick up in any Italian city centre (including Traffic Limited Zones), airports, railway stations or cruise ports. 

“….my love of the grape and reverential respect of farmers for the fruits of the earth no doubt were instilled in me from my earliest moments as little kid playing with my pruning shears in my “nonno” Alcide’s vineyard….”